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Herb & Garlic

Cashew based, young, fresh soft cheese, infused with our west coast take on herbes fine, garlic and marigold. This cheese is one of our originals and an easy crowd pleaser. It can be eaten with crackers, spread on bread for sandwiches, cooked into a sauce, used on pizzas, used with a variety of canapes, stuffed mushrooms anyone?

The Crown

A young, fresh cheese, a soft cheese similar in style to Herb & Garlic, but different flavour profile. Sundried tomatoes, oregano, dried ancho chili, are not meant to give the cheese a tomatoey flavour, but, rather to give the cheese a savoury flavour. Tomato, like garlic contains an essential amino acid important for the sense of umami. This is an eat on its own cheese, or an excellent cooking cheese, check out our Chef Kaide’s recipe for Crown Queso on our instagram page @blueheroncheese

Mostarda Cheddar

This cashew based cheddar style cheese is one of our original longer aging cheeses. Born from pairing our cheese with another local producer’s product, we made the surface of this cheese with Biota Fermentation’s Grapefruit Mostarda, and it ages for 3 to 4 months. Sharp, mild palate cleansing bitterness from the grapefruit, tangy. Eat on its own, pair with IPA, Saison, Witbier, white wine, pinot noir, or as you will.

Fig Cumulus

Coconut milk based, part of the Cumulus family. This cheese is rich, ephemeral, balanced, tangy from the culturing process yet earthy sweet from the figs. The surface is washed with Winecrush Technologies post wine production Ruby (red wine) puree, which lends wine like aroma and . A great food cheese, and pairs well with wine or beer.

Le Bleuet

This coconut milk based cheese, is one of our ‘Cumulus’ style cheeses, which are bright, tangy, full of flavour, with a rich mouthfeel, all of which dissipates in the mouth. With BC blueberries included and washed with a blueberry, ginger compote featuring blueberries from Hazelmere Organics, this cheese is tangy but slightly sweet, and is a great after dinner cheese, or used on toast in the morning, or, you can use it to create your own vegan cheesecake.

Garlic Scape Cumulus

Another member of the Cumulus family of cheeses, our signature rich, tangy, live cultured coconut curd, is aged with fermented garlic scapes from Hazelemere Organics. This cheese is creamy, full of flavor, very umami forward. Spread it on crackers or add it to pasta sauce to bring a depth of flavor to whatever you're eating.


One of our most underestimated cheeses that will leave you craving more. This semi-soft cashew based cheese is infused with pink peppercorn and caraway seeds. It is bright, pungent and has a smooth flavor profile. If you are worried about the caraway flavour, don’t it is well balanced by the peppercorn and provides an earthy herbal note. Add this to a sandwich to heighten your flavor profile or enjoy on its own with a paired chutney, or a grainy charcuterie mustard.

Drunken Cherry

A cashew based semi firm cheese. Infused with unsulphured bing cherries, fermented cacao nibs, fennel seed and surface washed with Winecrush Technology Rupy(red wine) puree. Bringing together all the antioxidants and citrus notes together to create a unique flavor that has a wine resemblance in cheese form. Eat on its own, pairs well with wine, could be used in a vegan cheesecake or in canapes.


This cashew based cheese is one of our signature cheeses, and was a finalist in 2021’s Made In Vancouver Awards. A semi-firm cheese, it is ash rinded, inoculated with blue and white mold and then surface washed repeatedly during the aging process leading to a deep umami forward cheese with earthy and slightly piquant notes. Named after the sleek black shorebirds that quietly populate the west coast of BC, the Cormorant is pungent, sharp but balanced, with sometimes mildly mushroom aroma. This cheese is within the family of our mold ripened and blue cheeses. Eat it on it’s own, shave it over sauteed mushrooms on toast, pairs very well with big wines, figs, pears, and a wide range of preserves.

Almond Ricotta

Our creamy, cultured almond ricotta, is lightly sweet with a mild umami from being cultured. This fresh cheese is best consumed with 5-7 days of opening the jar, and is excellent on pizza, in stuff pastas, baked into a tart, drained and presented on a cheese board drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, and scooped up with a cracker. This is a multi-purpose cheese that can be used just about anyway you like it.

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