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To create a beautiful and delicious plant-based cheeseboard, start with the best cheese.

Blue Heron Creamery produces 100% dairy-free cultured and aged cheeses that are crafted with love and care.  We believe in making vegan cheeses that are a cheese ‘in their own right' using time honored methods to create a product that satiates the most discerning palate.  

Just The Cheese I is the perfect place to start to create a delectable cheeseboard for a quiet night in, to entertain guests, or as a gift for someone special.

The 4 vegan cheeses included in this Holiday Package are:

Mostarda Cheddar 

An aged cashew cheddar that is washed with a grapefruit kombucha mustard and aged until semi-firm.  This is a staff favorite and makes for a great centerpiece to your cheeseboard.


Aged for a minimum of 8 weeks, the ash rind and mold cultures offer an earthy depth to this cheese. It leaves a mild impression of a bleu cheese but is denser and less piquant. This one will surprise your guests who may not be believers, but wait until they try it.

Harvest Cheese Ball 

This seasonal offering combines all of the best holiday flavors into a delicious holiday cheese ball.  We start with a young cashew cheese and rind it with cranberries, walnuts, and sesame seeds to create a nostalgic and delectable offering that complements any holiday cheese board.

Drunken Cherry 

This cashew cheese is aged with bing cherries and coated with a wine powder that makes it the perfect accompaniment in a sophisticated cheese board.

Create the masterpiece cheeseboard with Blue Heron Cheeses and our holiday packages.  Get your order in today before they sell out (they always sell out).



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