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To create the perfect cheese board you need to start with the best cheese.  Blue Heron crafts cultured and aged dairy-free cheeses that are created with love and care.  We believe in making products that are a cheeses in 'their own right' using time honored methods to create a product that  satiates the most discerning palate.  

Just The Cheese II is the perfect place to start to create a delectable cheeseboard or is a perfect gift for someone.

The 4 cheeses included in this Holiday Packages are:

Herb and Garlic

This young, fresh cheese has garlicky umami balanced by our West Coast Herb blend featuring marigold, which offers a soft, buttery note. Use this any way you wish: bagels, pasta, salads, on its own.

Truffle Noir 

This semi-firm aged cashew cheese is made with real black truffle and aged to perfection.  It is the perfect companion with sweet compotes or jams to round out the savory, earthy finish

Harvest Cheese Ball 

This seasonal offering combines all of the best holiday flavors into a delicious cheese ball. Cashew cheese infused with preserved lemon, sage and cranberries is then rinded with toasted walnuts, black sesame seeds, and smoked sage, and cranberries, to create a nostalgic and delectable offering that complements any holiday cheese board

Le Bleuet Cumulus 

This fresh, young, cheese has bright acidity grounded by the earthy sweetness of blueberry. It’s creamy and dense and is best used in fresh rather than hot dishes. It slices and crumbles well and can be enjoyed in salads or on its own.

Create a masterpiece of a cheeseboard with plant-based cheeses from Blue Heron Creamery.  Get your order in today before they sell out (they always sell out).


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