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How do you instantly impress your guests and elevate your holiday get-together? By having the most beautiful and delicious Charcuterie Board complete with all of the fixings. The Vegcuterie is the complete package to create a memorable holiday cheeseboard experience. We have carefully selected our finest cheeses and accoutrements so you can put together a delectable offering for your guests. 

Included in the vegan Vegcuterie is:

Harvest Cheese Ball 

This seasonal offering combines all of the best holiday flavors into a delicious cheese ball. Cashew cheese infused with preserved lemon, sage and cranberries is then rinded with toasted walnuts, black sesame seeds, and smoked sage, and cranberries, to create a nostalgic and delectable offering that complements any holiday cheese board. 

Fig Cumulus 

This cheese is the perfect pairing for red wine. Slightly sweet with savory depth and melt-in-your mouth finish, this coconut milk based cheese is aged with a red wine puree finish, and is a good match for pairing with other food such as dates, savory crackers, fresh sour dough bread. 

Garlic Scape Cumulus

This crowd pleasing cheese, like our other cumulus cheeses is coconut milk based. It features fermented garlic scapes grown by Hazelmere Organic Farms, just kilometers from our facility! Garlic Scape Cumulus has a savory depth rarely found in dairy-free cheeses, and like our other cumulus cheeses, it has an ephemeral melt-in-your mouth finish that will leave you craving more. 

Almond Ricotta

This cultured ricotta brings you the texture you expect, combined with a savory finish, that is your secret weapon to creating a well rounded cheeseboard. Pair with compotes, chutnies, or jams, or, use it to make a baked artichoke spinach dip, this cheese is your playground for your culinary creativity. 

Biota Pickled Carrots 

Biota's pickled carrots are balanced yet flavorful. Natural fermentation provides a subtle earthy sweetness to this crispy treat.

Luv the Grub Chutney 

Locally made chutney that will provide a sweet and savory spread to entice and elevate your cheese board.  

‘PlantBase’ Wack Forest Ham 

This delicious sliced plant-based ham adds the perfect slightly sweet and savory kick to your cheeseboard.  Made locally in Vancouver.

‘PlantBase’ PepperNOni 

Spicy and savoury sliced plant-based pepperoni adds the texture and flavor you’re craving alongside some of our cheese.  Seitan-based and made locally in Vancouver.

‘Jenny Marie’ Pepper & Sea Salt Crackers 

A classic combo that goes with just about anything they're paired with, sweet or savoury.  Made locally in Victoria.

‘Zimt’ Double Chocolate Macaroons 

Cocoa macaroon sweetened with coconut sugar and covered in chocolate! So fudge-y and decadent, this is almost like a chewy chocolate covered brownie. Made locally in Vancouver.

Create a masterpiece of a cheeseboard with plant-based cheeses from Blue Heron Creamery.  Get your order in today before they sell out (they always sell out).


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